AMF Weekly Check-In

The 5-minute AMF Weekly Check-In is EXTREMELY crucial in providing us with all the information we need to assess and see what can be improved in your nutrition, training, and other misc. for me to maximize your results and break past any plateaus. DO NOT SKIP THIS!

Please be as honest as possible when answering all the questions. The more context you give me, the better the solution I can provide.

Upon receiving your check-in form, I will send you a follow-up within 48 hours after cut-off time.

Do note that any late check-in submission (cut-off time: This Sunday 22:00, your time zone) will be considered a “no-show”. A “no show” means you might not be receiving any feedback video for this week. This is to reduce procrastination and get you to act fast so that you can apply the implementation (if any) as soon as possible.

Let’s go!